Company Overview

About Us

KnoDTec is a family of highly skilled passionate professionals who are dedicated and determined to provide you the best solutions for your business. Our foundation lies with a vision to offer new-age Digital and Engineering Solutions to companies across the globe. We have expertise in dealing with various digital as well as traditional engineering technologies.

KnoDTec is your one-stop digital and end-to-end solutions destination with expert resources on multiple platforms and technologies ranging from Embedded Software Developments, Internet of Things (IoT), to Silicon Engineering, QA and Testing.

We consider ourselves as your extended team, providing talented and experienced engineers with specific skill sets that suit your requirements.

Why KnoDTec?

  • We are unique in the way how we support your vision for a smart infrastructure network with a customized digital strategy. We value a long-term operational relationship with a digital-first approach to deliver projects efficiently at an affordable cost.
  • Our agile methods and approach to each project are based on a unique mix of strategy and experience with an enduring culture of problem-solving thought- process.

Day One Ready

KnoDTec focuses on the certainty of digital transformation right from day one to ensure that we complete the project successfully with asset data and 3D models.

Smart Delivery

KnoDTec owns the combination of static, live, and geospatial data that is readily available for the strongest foundation of smart buildings and infrastructure to execute the operations and facilities management phase efficiently.


With advanced technology, KnoDTec segregates important data and ensures they are integrated into the project cycle for a seamless process.

Zero Compromise

KnoDTec focuses on critical issues and designs the plan to meet the challenges throughout the project phase.