Machine Learning Services

KnoDTec offers Machine Learning services and enabling the company to develop customized solutions to algorithms. Our team will help you merge these   machine-learning algorithms with video and image analytics.  

Our goal is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction by helping you take your business to a new altitude of success.

Machine Learning Services

Why  KnoDTec  For  Machine Learning?

  • Our team has substantial Machine learning capabilities
  • We have proficiency in frameworks like coffee, Keras, TensorFlow, Theano, etc..
  • KnoDTec's professionals will help you address solutions related to hardware platforms like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Texas Instrument, NXP, etc..
  • Our committed engineers are capable enough to design and build algorithms from scratch
  • Proficiency in building solutions using open source libraries
  • KnoDTec has an alliance with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, etc. to make certain that you get the best services
  • Advanced proficiency is Neutral Network architectures like VGGNet, AlexNet, Inception V3, SqueezeNet, etc

Key Highlights  Of  Our Machine Learning Services:

  • Machine Learning: Supervised /Semi-supervised/Unsupervised learning, Anomaly Detection
  • Deep Learning: Driver Behaviour
  • Image Analytics: Face Analytics: Detection, Recognition, Demographics, & Expression, Human Activity Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing: Conversational Interfaces / Chatbots