Embedded & Software Competencies

KnoDTec’s team comes with vast experience in embedded and software development that range from low-level system software to complete hardware understanding, from microprocessors to real-time OS and end-to-end familiarity with OS internals. Delivering next-gen embedded & software engineering solutions is one of the KnoDTec’s key capabilities.

With IoT and software & hardware advancements, digital transformation can be seen in many industries such as automotive, healthcare, light, and heavy industries. KnoDTec understands that embedded systems and their associated software are the heart of digital transformation. At KnoDTec, we bring end-to-end embedded & software engineering services under one roof and deliver a blend of a unique solution with an uncompromised approach.


With a highly qualified team for conceptualization, development, and implementation of embedded software for various sectors. KnoDTec delivers:

  • Complex Operating System
  • Kernel
  • API
  • Middleware
  • Firmware
  • Hardware Portability & Layer of Abstraction
  • Automated Software Test Codes
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Intelligent Sensor Development
  • Wireless Enablement
  • Embedded Device Security
  • Device Validation and Testing