Cognitive QA Services

The increasing rate of development of self-driving vehicles/drones, intelligent digital assistants, digital solutions for healthcare, and smart cities have brought to light how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are making their way swiftly into our life.

KnoDtec provides Cognitive QA services to its clients which helps them in “testing AI” and “testing with AI” in SDLC using advanced machine learning algorithms. Our team offers its expertise in processes and tools to enable businesses to win over the challenges concerning the testing of AI-based software. We ensure that this is done with the best class quality metrics/processes and within the timeline.

Although multiple platforms and available resources allow AI-based software creation, there are very few resources to test AI-based applications and even less on how AI can be used to revolutionize the overall testing process in an SDLC. We will help you to better prepare your goods for the current and future needs of the connected world by using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to bring intelligence to your QA processes.

Highlights of our Cognitive QA services?

  • Optimization of overall testing process including type of testing and resources.
  • Test case prioritization for greater impact
  • Reduction in testing cycles, defect ranges and predict risk of modules
  • Machine learning capabilities from edge to cloud
  • End to End IoT test automation solution
  • End to End Voice Assistants Test automation framework
  • Partnerships with cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, IBM Watson, Google Cloud, etc

Key Offerings

  • Intelligent QA Framework
  • Predictive and Prescriptive test efforts.
  • DevOps Assessment & Implementation
  • Reusable IoT & Application Components
  • VAQA Framework:
  • Complete test suite for Voice Assistant services.