DFT, DFM & Physical Design Services | Silicon Turnkey Solutions

KnoDTec can provide silicone turnkey design service for effective silicon grabbing outs with a proven physical design flow (RTL to GDSII, DFT, DFM), processes, and dedicated subject- matter experts.

Multiple tape-outs were produced for leading foundry companies such as TSMC, UMC, GF, Toshiba, Ti, and SMIC. Also, for startups and companies of the tier 2 industry, we provide DFM (manufacturing design)/DFT (test design), and silicon turnkey design services.

Why KnoDTec for Specification to Silicon Services?

  • Complete Silicon Turnkey Solutions Ownership: 100+ Silicon Tape-outs across 180 to 16nm.
  • Flexible DFT engagement model starting from DFT Architecture to Silicon Turn-on.

Key Offerings

  • RTL Synthesis, Physical Synthesis
  • DFM/DFT testing, ATPG & fault grading services
  • Hierarchical floor planning & partitioning
  • Place & Route, Customized Clock Tree Synthesis, Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Signoff Services – Power/EM/IR/Noise, STA with On-Chip Variation (OCV), Physical Verification
  • Structural, Ad-hoc DFT strategy
  • DFT architecture – SCAN, MBIST, LBIST, ATPG Flat/Hierarchical Partition, Boundary Scan
  • Test program development – Advance fault model implementation and design validation, program quality improvement and checklist
  • Wafer level Reliability Testing, Die and Package level testing support
  • Silicon turnkey bring up support, Yield analysis and improvement.