Mechanical Product Engineering Services

KnodTec offers Mechanical Product engineering services to companies helping them in product modification activities and launching new product development programs. We also deliver our services to assist in investigating issues with the products already in the market and provides alternative design solutions to improve the products and fulfill new orders.

At KnodTec we ensure that our product design and engineering solutions help to reduce the OEMs' cost and weight simultaneously improving the quality and performance of the products. And we have achieved in doing the same for our established clients so far. Our design and development services primarily focus to resolve high filed failures, using quality materials, and optimize the manufacturing processes of the product.

In today’s competitive world the manufacturers are under great pressure to accelerate the performance of innovative and intelligent goods. There is also the need to develop products that need reliability and improvement in efficiency, cost, and weight reduction.

That is why KnodTec offers its expertise and experience in mechanical product design solutions in multiple areas such as aircraft structure& systems, power trains, automobile bodies, industrial products, oil & gas drilling equipment, rolling stock, rail locomotives, and medical equipment.

Highlights of KnoDTec Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Faster Innovation – efficient R&D and design support for product and processes.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Reduced cost with a quick turnaround time.
  • Reduced Risk – Flexibility and Agility to adopt and respond to fluctuations in project demands and customer requirements.

Key Offerings

  • Design and Development: Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) comprising multiple disciplines driving end-to-end design of components, sub-assemblies & systems.
  • Detail Engineering: Create / update 3D models and deliver fully checked manufacturing & assembly drawings, Model Based Definitions (MBD) - 3D models with PMI.
  • Engineering Change Management: End-to-end engineering change process administration & governance.
  • Non-Conformance Management: Complete solution to ensure speedy disposition & reduction of manufacturing non-conformances.
  • Cost Engineering: Turnkey solution to drive product cost reduction through a structured approach incorporating Value Engineering and DFX.