Automotive and Transportation

With adequate experience over the decades, KnoDTec holds firsthand experience in developing and implementing several engineering and   design solutions to various sectors of diverse clients. KnoDTec merges digital experience, domain expertise, and technology to   deliver a range of solutions for transportation sectors.

Assuredly, the transportation industry will upgrade to the level of unexpectedness in the near future. Some of the digital   innovation opportunities could be:

Automotive & Transportation

Smart Products with the combination of embedded and IoT

Digital innovation brings in a huge impact on product design and development in the auto and transportation sector. With ever-changing customers’ expectations and preferences, we invent products much smarter to meet their requirements substantially. Innovations in Embedded Technology and IoT help us developing advanced products with significant features. Such demands for products make space to grow brilliant engineers, who come with pro-active thought-process, product knowledge, and technical expertise with the capability to integrate all the essences intelligently.

KnoDTec  aids its Customers  In  Below  Areas :

  • Autonomous Driving & ADAS
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Autosar
  • Electric and Conventional Powertrain 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics 
  • Mechatronics

Services we offer:

  • Digital Engineering
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering