Hardware Design Services

KnodTec has experience of over years which proves our quality hardware design services and our expertise in this field. We have experts who can develop products that are smaller, quicker, reliable, effective, intelligent, and economical.

The design of the hardware is a vital aspect of any successful electronic product, as there is a need for effective and elegant hutches that would cater to the stylish tastes and functional requirements of the ultimate consumers.

That is why you must trust the best people for Hardware design services. And when it comes to choosing the best in the hardware designing area, you always go for KnodTec.

We primarily focus on designing embedded complex control systems for avionics and industrial solutions. Also, our team has successfully designed and developed wearables, medical devices, home automation, and security solutions with compact and power-efficient systems.

As an Arrow corporation, KnoDTec has a broad network of manufacturing partners who can assist with the design, production, production, and certification of electronic prototypes. At KnoDTec we work closely with contract manufacturers to ensure that the prototypes are designed for testing (DFT) and manufacturing (DFM) to minimize output transfer design alterations.

 Why KnoDTec for Hardware Design Services?

  • Standard-specific and CM-specific development.
  • Multicore processor, multi-processor, FPGA based hardware designs.
  • ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ISO16949 Compliance Design.

Key Offerings:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Component Benchmarking and Selection
  • Multicore, multiprocessor, GPU, FPGA based HW designs
  • Multilayer PCB design (32 Layers)
  • Design Review and Consulting
  • Functional Test, Stress Test and EDVT
  • Hardware Prototype Development and Testing
  • Product Certification and Compliance
  • Transfer to Production with CMs
  • Low volume manufacturing
  • Value Engineering / BoM Optimization
  • Component Obsolescence Management
  • Electronic Design Automation