Hardware Design Services

Whether you are looking for a system-level embedded hardware design solution, Protocol stimulator, or enterprise-level hardware design service, we have the proficiency  to handle them. If you are considering to intently collaborate with, to build custom embedded systems from scratch or re-engineer your current production process using  embedded solutions, contact us.

Hardware Design Services

 Why  KnoDTec  For  Hardware Design Services?

  • Standard-specific and CM-specific development
  • Multicore processor, multi-processor, FPGA based hardware designs
  • ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485 and ISO16949 Compliance Design

Key Offerings:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Multicore, multiprocessor, GPU, FPGA based HW designs 
  • Component Benchmarking and Selection 
  • Multilayer PCB design (32 Layers) 
  • Design Review and Consulting 
  • Functional Test, Stress Test and EDVT 
  • Hardware Prototype Development and Testing 
  • Product Certification and Compliance 
  • Transfer to Production with CMs 
  • Low volume manufacturing  
  • Value Engineering / BoM Optimization 
  • Component Obsolescence Management 
  • Electronic Design Automation