Big Data Analytics

Wondering how to handle an enormous amount of data?

KnodTec offers simple yet effective big data solutions to help your business get better insights. Our team works to deliver you the best services concerning Big data for the entire data lifecycle. We offer services ranging from data acquisition, ingestion, aggregation, storage, processing, visualization, and analytics.

At KnodTec we aim to correlate and transform the data investments into revenues for your company.

What’s the need to analyze data?

Today the technological world is surrounded by a huge amount of data. These data are generated by devices, systems, and millions of users across the globe. It has become very crucial for companies to keep a track of these data and make proper use of it in their business.

In the present competitive world, it is very difficult for companies to stay ahead of the curve. To beat the competitive curve companies must invest to analyze data to get better insights into their business investments. Data analytics also helps corporations to take effective decisions that turn out profitable. Consumer data combined with the other data collected from devices also helps businesses to generate actionable insights for informed decision making.

Why contact KnoDTec for Big Data Analytics Services?

  • We are working effectively for the past half-decade to deliver the best solutions for OT + IT data complexity and scale
  • Our team is proficient to offer mindset solutions encompassing Open source, Proprietary, and/or Cloud
  • KnodTec also has its services concerning investment in proactive assessments/data stack Optimization
  • At KnodTec we have 100% Staff Certified on at least 1 Data Management Technology, reducing the learning curve

Key features of Our Big Data Analytics Services

- Consulting/Assessments:
  • Architecture
  • Production readiness
  • Performance tuning
  • Health check
- Building Platforms:
  • Concept to reality
  • Architecture definition
  • Tools & technology evaluations
  • Design to sustenance lifecycle ownership
  • Postproduction support
- Modernization
  • Cloud SaaS for migration
  • Legacy + Open source technology expertise

Our Tools & Technologies:

Data collection and aggregation – Microsoft SQL server Integration services, Kafka, Alteryx

Data storage and processing – MongoDB, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, AWS Redshift

Data visualization – Tableau, PowerBI, Jaspersoft, Amazon Quicksight