Remote Device Management

As the number of connected devices is set to run into billions, in the near future, the need to remotely control and manage these devices will become critical. IoT Remote Device Management makes it easy to securely onboard, organize, monitor, and remotely manage IoT devices at scale.

KnoDTec possesses over two decades of device (Things) experience, managing their life cycle, and serving a multitude of business cases across various industry verticals. Our proven technical, process, and infrastructure capability, across the IoT value chain, helps our clients to extend their Cloud applications to seamlessly integrate and manage Things.

KnoDTec’ Remote Device Management platform has enabled our customers to enhance their application value by incorporating devices, delivering high service reliability, reducing operating cost, and maximizing device uptime. We have worked closely with clients and helped them achieve bulk operations on multiple devices simultaneously, enabling them to access and manage the health and status information of devices with alerts for failure and deactivation, diagnostics including connectivity status, firmware upgrades, and data/network/device-level security.

Why KnoDTec for Cloud & DevOps Services?

  • Enabling scalability to million digital nodes – 55M+ devices managed
  • Extensive experience in managing devices in various verticals
  • Devices to cloud expertise
  • Partnership with Tier 1 cloud providers

Key Offerings

Device Provisioning and Registration
  • Device discovery and connection
  • Device authentication
Device Management
  • Secure device data transfer to cloud
  • Update/reload firmware-OTA
  • Device configuration
Device Monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote device monitoring and troubleshooting
Device Updates & Diagnostics
  • Secure software updates
  • Remote feature enhancements/bug fixing