Power and Industrial


The power industry faces significant changes: rising demand, sustainable energy, the digital transformation of energy networks, and increased focus on operational efficiency.

Industrialists can adapt quickly – ahead of the competition – may grow their market leadership. However, it is a high challenge and expensive to find and manage top engineering talents. KnoDTec possesses knowledge, experience, and capability in delivering prospective business results implemented with the latest technology.

KnoDTec focuses on next-gen product development programs and delivers significant productivity improvements to sustain reputable products at full-fledged infrastructure yet affordable.


To solve a specific industry use case and to manage the production quantities ranging from small to huge numbers, industrial products such as heavy machinery, tools, turbo-machinery, tractors, excavators, earth-movers, material handling equipment, plants for processing factory, and large industrial components such as pumps, generators, and boilers are designed and developed.

As these products become smarter, well-connected, and efficient nowadays, the innovation cycles become shorter. Industrial OEMs face challenges in finding out the right resources to design new products and enhance existing ones.

KnoDTec provides a comprehensive range of solutions that solve industrial products’ challenges that include but are not just limited to design & development, manufacturing, supply chain, product existence, operations & maintenance optimization, and asset management.

Our deep domain knowledge in this industry and engineering expertise in mechanical, electronics, software & digital technologies help drive prospective business outcomes for Industrial equipment & components manufacturers and operators. We create values for our customers by building customer-centric Engineering Centers to accelerate the innovations.

We help our customers in their digital initiatives such as Model-Based Design, Model-based enterprise, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Immersive Training, Predictive Maintenance, and focus on workers’ safety through our expertise in IoT, AI, ML, AR/VR, Cloud, Data Analytics and Blockchain.

Services for the Automotive and Transportation Industry:

  • Digital Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering