Mobility Solutions & Services

Today the need to access everything at your fingertips has become the primary requirement of almost all the services. There is an increasing demand for digital solutions that enable users to access information anywhere and at any time. Smartphones have made

it possible for its users to browse through all the information he needs in just a few clicks.

That is why understanding the need of the digital generation, KnodTec offers effective mobility solutions and services to businesses helping them to grow by connecting them with partners, customers, employees, and other operational systems.

We also offer mobile application connectivity and services across a wide variety of products ranging from smartphones and tablets to speakers, infotainment gadgets, digital cameras, and digital TVs.

KnodTec helps e-commerce companies by delivering mobility solutions for software products and development enabling them to meet their business requirements.

Our team at KnodTec focuses primarily to establish smooth & efficient mobile interaction between the client and their customers. Our mission through mobility solutions and services is to establish a pleasant user experience for your customers.

Why choose KnoDTec for Mobility Solutions & Services?

  • KnodTec has been working for the past half-decade to deliver the best solutions related to integrating mobile apps with digital products.
  • We help you grow your market faster by 30% with a unified test automation framework for web and mobile.
  • Our team has expertise in multiple product variant integrations and test automation with diverse mobile variants.
  • KnodTec experts also provide full-stack development with early access to the entire design and reducing the cost of rework.

Key Highlights of Our Services:

  • Mobile application development and testing
  • User experience / User interface designs
  • Performance optimization
  • Middleware media integration
  • Device & component integration
  • Platforms, tools and technologies: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, Swift, angularjs, nodejs, HTML5, QT, Python, Java, Appium, Robotium.