Aerospace & Defense

KnoDTec holds years of expertise in delivering end-to-end digital engineering solutions to diverse sectors that include aerospace product development industries and product lifecycle management (supply chain & aftermarket). We deliver complete solutions to our customers to accelerate product development, design innovation cycles and create alternate revenue streams, to enhance their end-user experience. Our strategy is well-designed to set manufacturing processes, operations, and supply chain management more efficient.

Having a global pool of well-qualified engineers at our own CoE (Centers of Excellence), we deliver a range of comprehensive yet customized solutions to avionics, airframes, cabin, and aero systems. With deep domain knowledge in the streams of mechanical engineering, enterprise, product engineering, and electronics & embedded systems, our engineers handle high-volume tasks.

Driving business outcomes for OEMs with the implementation of digital initiatives such as Design System Integration, Model-Based Design, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Immersive Crew & Maintenance Training, Connected Aircraft, Real-Time Remote Maintenance Support, Predictive Maintenance, In-Flight Infotainment, and Passenger and Crew Safety Surveillance is KnoDTec’s one another expertise.

Services we offer to the Aerospace and Defense Industry:

  • Digital Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering