Engineering Analysis

Companies now are facing issues due to a scarcity of resources to carry out engineering analysis of their products. Our team of experts concentrate on substantial  engineering services by employing many classical techniques. At KnoDTec we make sure our clients are safe from issues like inconsistent and non-performing designs,  longer development time, longer product release, and safety issues.

Engineering Analysis

Why  KnoDTec  for Engineering Analysis Services?

  • We optimise the product development process for better results
  • KnoDTec helps you identify the gaps and remodel products
  • Our team helps to recognise crucial failure points in the development life cycle of the product

Key Offerings:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis/CFD: Analysis to resolve fluid flow problems
  • Thermal Analysis: to predict component interactions, quantify film-cooling effectiveness, determine metal temperatures, and calculate component stresses and life.
  • Hand Calculations: Stress justification as well as checks for stress, stiffness, strength, stability
  • Optimization