Engineering Analysis

The need for engineering analysis has increased far more than expected in the present times. The products in this new era must meet the expected standards. That is why companies these days require engineering analysis of their products before they launch it in the market.

Companies these days are facing issues due to a shortage of resources to carry out proper engineering analysis of their products. Manufacturers tend to cut down product innovation and development time to reduce product development costs.   

KnodTec is here to save your products from field failure issues and help you to conduct proper engineering analysis of your new products as well as product improvement steps for those already in the market.

Our team of expert people specializes in extensive engineering analysis by employing several classical techniques. These techniques comprise stress justification and strength tests to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Thermal analysis, and advanced computational fluid dynamics or CFD.

At KnodTec we make sure that our clients are safe from issues like inconsistent and underperforming designs, longer development time, unnecessary redesigns, wasted resources for rework, longer product release, critical failures, and safety issues. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the products to deliver our clients the best insights of the products which help their business to increase the profits and grow. 

We offer engineering analysis in fields such as aircraft structure and systems, automobile body and power trains, drilling equipment for oil and gas, industrial products, rotating equipment, and rail locomotives and rolling stock.

Why KnoDTec for Engineering Analysis Services?

  • We optimize the product development process for better results.
  • Our team helps to recognize crucial failure points in the development life cycle of the product.
  • KnodTec assists you to identify the gaps and remodel products.

Key Offerings

Our Centres of Competence specialize in high-end aspects of engineering analysis, to ensure proper physics-based results are delivered.Focus areas of engineering analysis are:

  • Structural Analysis: Finite element analysis of mechanical parts to assess strength, fatigue, fracture, vibration response, creep, and kinematics.
  • Fluid Analysis/CFD: Analysis to resolve fluid flow problems.
  • Thermal Analysis: Advanced heat transfer studies for primary & secondary air systems to predict component interactions, quantify film-cooling effectiveness, determine metal temperatures, and calculate component stresses and life.
  • Hand Calculations: Stress justification as well as checks for stress, stiffness, strength, stability, at joints and fasteners by classical methods.
  • Optimization: Stress justification as well as checks for stress, stiffness, strength, stability, at joints and fasteners by classical methods.