ASIC, FPGA-SoC Design & Development

KnodTec is the first engineering company to start working on a technology node 7nm and 10nm. We also offer services such as pre-sícium validation, post-silicon validations, and yield analysis, DFT/DFM including architecture specification & implementation, and the FPGA to ASIC conversion.

Our close working relationship with leading ASIC semiconductor suppliers gives us a thorough understanding of major SoC, FPGA/CIP, including Xilinx, Altera, and Microsemi architecture and optimization techniques.

In recent years there has been substantial growth in demand for high efficiency, low power consumption, and low form-factor design. But thanks to several years' experience, KnoDTec allows its customers to design ASIC digital and mixed-signal, to develop FPGA SoCs for many industries such as data centers, aerospace, automotive, network, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and IoT.

KnoDTec is specialized in lower geometry designs and has a taped out of 200+ silicons from 180nm to 7nm & beyond with good experience on multi-signal solutions through design, control, physical design & validation.

Why KnoDTecfor ASIC, FPGA, SoC Design Services?

  • Complete ownership of FPGA based product development involving spec-to-design, RTL coding, verification, board validation and system installation.
  • Multiple years of experience in FPGA/ASIC projects.
  • Comprehensive domain expertise in Networking, Avionics, Video and Storage.
  • Quick prototyping services for multi-million ASIC into multiple FPGAs to turn around a proof-of-concept for showcasing to the end customers.

Key Offerings

ASIC Design

  • Micro-architecture chip design
  • RTL design
  • Functional verification
  • SoC integration
  • ASIC IP development

FPGA Design & Development

  • Feasibility Study
  • FPGA Board Device Selection
  • Architecture Definition
  • Micro-architecture design
  • FPGA RTL Coding & Lint
  • ASIC prototyping
  • Board Validation
  • Functional Verification
  • Synthesis and Optimization
  • Floor-planning & Timing Closure