Embedded Systems & Software Development

KnodTec’s team comprises of experts in required technical and domain according to your products and services. We are here to deliver you the best software development services for your business. Our areas of expertise range from firmware design for embedded systems development to end-to-end support for multiple system requirements. We will help you to ensure the quality and environment of the software and other systems.  

To mirror the CPU and peripherals of the generic OS interfaces, KnoDTec assists in developing BSPs. Our BSPs are designed to provide complete features that can allow interfaces between different components of embedded systems. Developed by our experts, the BSPs are compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and other mobile platforms to complement our specialization with diverse operating systems.

We have established collaborations with several leading technology corporations, which enables us to have early access to new products and gain expertise from these companies. KnodTec also connects with its development teams for first-hand support.

Being armed with such strong alliances, our team has successfully delivered multiple projects before the deadlines. With our expertise in the field of embedded and software development, KnodTec has won over by addressing the issues concerning inherent constraints of various hardware and embedded devices. 

Key Offerings

  • Board Bring-up, BSP, Device Driver and Firmware Development
  • OS Porting – Android, Linux, Windows, QNX
  • New Processor Platform Adoption / Firmware Migration
  • Performance Tuning – Latency, Boot-time, Throughput
  • Power and Footprint Optimization
  • Modem and Sensor Integration for IoT / M2M Connectivity Enablement
  • Embedded Systems UI Design and Usability Engineering
  • Certifications – CE, FCC, UL, EMI / EMC, FDA, FAA, Ingress Protection (IP), DO-254, DO-178, DO-160