IOT Solutions & Services

At KnodTec we help you to bridge the OT-IT gap. Our IoT consulting services will help your business to profit and grow by employing the OT-IT convergence smoothly.

We aim to overcome the key challenges in OT-IT convergence keeping in focus the security and interoperability factors. We are here to work towards finding solutions for the better working of OT-IT convergence. KnodTec ensures high availability, resilience, reliability, and scalability.

What’s the importance of IoT in the present time?

In today’s world, OT and IT runs everything. Almost all the companies across the globe, no matter small or big are based on the technological aspects of OT and IT. Operational Technology (OT) helps to develop the fundamental operating systems starting from the basic components. Information Technology (IT), on the other hand, works to establish a relationship between people and data by building software, tools, and networks.

The world of IoT is a place where both the worlds of OT and IT converge. Industries that employ both the technology of OT and IT are on the lookout for better OT-IT convergence. IoT enables corporations to benefit from the smooth and synchronized working of OT-IT convergence. To ensure operational and information continuity, IoT provides the requisite connectivity and standards.

Companies who adopt IoT working aspects experience benefits of cost reduction, controlled business processes, higher security, faster development & integration times, and standardized communications & control.

Why choose KnodTec IoT Services?

  • Our IoT solutions enable us to provide edge intelligence for multiple hardware platforms.
  • We work to develop and address intelligent cloud solutions like AWS, AZURE, IBM Watson, MindSphere, and Google Cloud.
  • KnodTec scalability approach reaches more than 55 million digital nodes.
  • Our IoT services establish interoperability and compatibility with trusted IoT ecosystems like Google Home, Nest, IoTivity, and Alexa.

Key Features of Our IoT Services

  • Connectivity: We provide services concerning Sensors, connectivity, M2M connectivity, edge analytics, and connectivity protocols such as BACnet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave.
  • Working: KnodTec assists in developing a gateway structure based on Edge and Fog computing technology which also incorporates the benefits of data processing.
  • Communications: Our IoT solutions help to develop software like video management, image and voice recognition, and message brokers.
  • Analyze: At KnodTec we also work to address Cloud services and solutions such as device shadowing (digital twins), device lifecycle management, and application enablement. Our company has collaborations with AWS and Microsoft Azure which enables us to deliver reliable and robust Cloud IoT consulting Solutions.