Device to Cloud QA & Test Automation Services

KnoDTec focuses to provide device-to-cloud QA & test automation services by reducing cost, maintaining the quality, tracking the rework cost. All this is done along with improving productivity and conducting rapid innovation initiatives. Our team is experienced in multi-technology virtualization which covers areas like sensors, connectivity, and devices.

At KnoDTec we provide our expertise in architectural consultancy, holistic test automation framework building capability, engineering work-flow automation through DevOps, and continuous validation.

QA and test automation have become a necessity for organizations to rapidly and reliably test and verify their various product lines, heterogeneous networking systems, and apps running on multiple endpoints and interfaces. The demand for QA & test automation has tremendously increased with the emerging of a new era of connected devices.

KnoDTec has developed and implemented an integrated data-driven test automation approach to evaluate all aspects of consumer business needs, the environment, existing investment in tools and technology, release requirements, etc. Through 360-degree test coverage across every part of the life cycle of growth, we deliver predictable business and engineering metrics.

Why KnoDTec for QA and Test Automation Services?

  • Holistic Test Automation: covering hardware, device, connectivity, cloud and application.
  • Virtualization: Test environment automation, robotic automation, sensor virtualization.
  • Intelligent QA Test Automation Approach: Data driven DevOps impacting business, engineering metrics.
  • Multiple Reusable QA Assets: Across IoT, digital, Alexa, cloud and DevOps

Key Offerings:

  • Test automation assessment and implementation
  • Test automation tools and technology stack evaluation and consulting services
  • Snapbricks test automation frameworks – AI/Voice, web, and mobile apps, IoT, DevOps
  • Mobile and web app testing and automation solutions
  • Product and software test automation
  • DevOps and agile testing
  • Software development engineer in test (SDET)
  • Sensor to cloud IoT test automation
  • Edge virtualization
  • API test automation