Device to Cloud QA & Test Automation Services

We have worked with many industries, which has magnified our capability across a wide variety of industrial and technology domains. KnoDTec aims to offer   device-to-cloud QA & test automation services by bringing down costs, maintaining the quality, tracking the rework cost. we provide our expertise in architectural   consultancy, holistic test automation framework building capability, engineering workflow automation through DevOps and continuous validation. 

We work with our clients to understand their particular requirements to deliver customized automation testing services that meet their needs accurately.

Device-to-Cloud QA & Test Automation Services

Why  KnoDTec  For  QA And Test Automation Services?

  • Integrated Test Automation
  • Virtualization: Test robotic automation, sensor virtualization
  • Intelligent QA Test Automation Approach: Data-driven DevOps striking business, engineering metrics
  • Multiple QA Assets: Across IoT, digital, Alexa, cloud, and DevOps

Key Offerings:

  • Test automation assessment and implementation 
  • DevOps and agile testing 
  • Sensor to Cloud IoT test automation 
  • API test automation 
  • Test automation tools, technology stack evaluation, and consulting services 
  • Mobile, web app testing and automation solutions 
  • Product and software test automation 
  • Software development engineer in test(SDET) 
  • Edge virtualization